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This post is totally dedicated to a website and a owner. A website which was always there for me. From starting my blog to editing my template. When i entered into this blogging industry i didn't have a single knowledge of anything. I was like will i able to do it? But, i just had one thing on my mind that i have to earn money just by sitting home. That's it. Yup, you heard it right. Making money online is the only reason is stepped into blogging. But how, No idea about that. What is adsense and what are their policies. How to edit a template, how to install a new template etc. all these things were nightmares for me. But as we all know experience and practice makes a man perfect. But then too i kept on moving ahead. In fact i received a payment of around 6K and i was overwhelmed. But as i started blogging i was getting into it. I was loving the work i was doing. I am a internet freak. I like to surf internet for hours. You can say i can live without food but not without internet. And as i started blogging i felt this is a kind of work i always wanted to do. But as everybody knows it. Success doesn't come to you if you don't give a hard work.

This is the reason i am still at the beginning of my plans. When i had interest in blogging i didn't had time. That's actual reason i am not too frequent here. It's been years for my last post. But now i have decided if i have interest in something i need to take out time for that and that's what i am going to follow now. So from starting till now My Blogger Tricks have always been with me. Even if i don't update my blog but i used to read this blog whenever i get time. But things are changed n i am planning to be frequent blogger as well as a reader.
So let me come to the point now. My blogger Tricks is a blog regarding blogging tips, SEO marketing and many other useful thing for beginners who just entered this industry. I would never say i was totally dependent on this website. I took help from google and other websites too but the website i trusted the most was My Blogger Tricks. I knew whatever m reading here is 100% reliable and i used to apply those tutorials on my blog. My Blogger Tricks have been helping beginners from very starting of their blog to take that blog at a pro level. They have been providing beautiful templates and widgets time to time. Recently, they have started their forum too where bloggers like us can discuss their issues with other bloggers. So overall it's a place for a beginner who just made up their mind to be in this industry.
People hesitate in appreciating their competitors or the ones they hate. But what i think is always appreciate a good work doesn't matter who is doing it. My Blogger Tricks is kind of a competitor for me but no they are deserving and no doubt far better than me. I am just a piece of cake in front of the team of My Blogger Tricks.
So guys have a look at this awesome blog and keep growing your blog.

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Ankit Sharma

Hi, It's me Ankit. Student by profession and blogger by passion. I love sharing things and that is why i am here. So if you love reading my posts and wanna connect with me to know more about me. So go ahead. What you waiting for?




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About Ankit Sharma

Hi, It's me Ankit. Student by profession and blogger by passion. I love sharing things and that is why i am here. So if you loved my blog and wanna connect with me to know more about me. So go ahead. What you waiting for?

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  1. I just happend to land on your blog while doing a keyword research. I am so pleased to read your kind feedback and those honest remarks. You simply made my day! I am extremely pleased to know that people like you even exist today who are so full of love and respect.

    Ankit God bless you with all that you do and it is no less than honor commenting on your blog. I feel blessed to have people like you around.

    MBT is nothing without loyal readers like you who contribute to it through comments and contructive feedback via their blogs. Our strength lies in the questions that you guys ask us. Surely this love is the driving force behind why MBT is alive today.

    I am so happy to have landed on your blog and read this page and the COPmo review. Thank you dear Ankit, you are a gem yourself, so full of wisdom and knowledge. :)