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Before i start let me tell you guys i m kind of person who generally don't like spending money on video games, doesn't matter if it's my favorite game too. So Don Bradman Cricket 14 is a sports video game. There have been many video games in cricket category. But i guess there is none better than this one. Don Bradman 14 is developed by Big Ant Studios and published by Tru Blu Entertainment.

You need a controller to play this game. The game is available in PC, Xbox as well as Playstation too and i must say game has everything which a perfect video game should have.

Actually me too was in dilemma that what makes this video game different from other cricket games when it was launched. The reason i have played many games related cricket. Whether it be, Ashes Cricket, EA Cricket or Brian Lara. Everyone was praising about it, i barely found a person over internet who said this game is not worth buying. As i was a big fan of cricket, so i started a search over this. I saw many videos over youtube, saw many reviews on different websites and as the day passes i was getting curious to play this game.

So finally i decided, let's try it. But as being a student i didn't had enough money to buy it nor i wanted to buy it. As i have the second option for it. I downloaded the pirated version of the game through torrent and as i installed it and started playing. I was like addicted to it. I didn't left my PC for next 2 days. I just used to play the game whole day n i just leave the PC when i was about to sleep.

The game has the feature of single as well as multiplayer. Vast bowling controls and batting shots.

You can decide which way you need to swing your ball. Leg cutter, In swing, Straight ball or a slower one. Alike other cricket games it gives you more control than just picking up the balling spot. You have to decide when you going to jump and when you going to release the ball. A bit late in jump can lead to a no ball. So it's all depends on your timing.

The game has a review feature too. You can go for a review if you think you are not-out or if your appeal got rejected, you don't need to be disappointed just ask for a review.


Check out a video of a match played in the game:

So as it was a pirated version so some of the features weren't not working and i was unable to enjoy the full game. So i finally made up my mind. I decided to purchase it. It was really a surprising decision for me because i never ever in my entire life invested money on video games and i found this game so addictive that i decided to purchase it.

I ordered it through snapdeal as i found the cheapest price here. Guess what, they gave a pirated person which i downloaded through torrent. Firstly i got confused, i thought is this a original version then why the hell i purchased it. Once again i started a search over internet and found it's not the case with me. Dozens of people have been sent with this pirated version.

Instantly, i called snapdeal and discussed the matter and as soon as my money was settled down. I opted Flipkart this time and trust me after this i never visited any other ecommerce. Flipkart is just the best. Delivery is before the expected date (exceptions are there), awesome customer support, vast variety of products.

So if you are kind of person who go wild over cricket. This game is for you. Don't miss out this awesome game and trust this game has the capability to make you addictive of it.

Currently, There are two versions available for PC. A limited edition and collector's edition. I ordered a limited one as it provides a gamepad with it too.

Check out both the editions:

1. Limited Edition

2. Collector's Edition

You can search out the Playstation & Xbox version on flipkart by clicking the banner on right hand side.

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About Ankit Sharma

Hi, It's me Ankit. Student by profession and blogger by passion. I love sharing things and that is why i am here. So if you loved my blog and wanna connect with me to know more about me. So go ahead. What you waiting for?

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